Monday, July 23

So, today was an interesting day to say the least. I found myself in an old families territory from my past. I was out of sync today. It hurt my brain. IT ACTUALLY PHYSICALLY HURT MY BRAIN!!!

I went to a friends house to pay a visit. It was really nice, except I know I need to continue to move forward and progress in my life. I love this guy with all my heart. He’s going to be my best man some day. But loving myself is more important to me rather than loving everyone else I possibly can, for now.

My relationship with my girlfriend is a fascinating subject. We went to the cabin and took a huge step forward in our relationship. I felt like we connected on a deep level by communicating and expressing our emotions. But today, I realized we are a long way away from where I want to be with her. I believe my relationship with my girlfriend will forever be evolving. Its frustrating right now, but I cannot wait for my future with her! I will continue to give her the time she needs just like I need for myself. This will never change the way I feel about her!

Tomorrow I am going to overachieve. I will do everything in my power all day to progress my life. I will work on myself in the morning (read, write, exercise, etc). I will learn as much as I possibly can in the afternoon (1 seminar and reading my class textbook which is definitely not my passion, lol). And, I will enjoy a beautiful evening with my girlfriend and friends!

I am so excited for tomorrow! Cheers!

Author: Learning Life

"Learning Life" features information that I gather from reading, writing, and other people. The knowledge that I seek is how to become the best version of myself in all areas of my life. We all want to live our best lives, so lets learn and share what we discover, together.

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