My past

I am 25 years old and I finally feel like I have it figured out. I am not entirely sure what that means yet but all I know is that I am finally listening to my gut. My entire life represented fear, frustration, and sadness. However, 3.5 years ago I attended a neuroplasticity program (Dynamic Neural Retraining System) founded by Annie Hopper. This program is seriously like training your brain for the Olympics. I can tell you now that I am at a place where I am ready to serve and give back. I want to be successful with my business, my finances, my relationships, and my health. The DNRS program showed me a process that will continue to grow and expand in our society as we learn more about neurosciences. I sincerely recommend this program to anyone who feels a change in their life is necessary. Neurosciences and the study of human development is just touching the surface in our world and I will continue to learn and share what I come across this next year. Please follow me so we can discover a new way of thinking, together!

The link to the DNRS program is


Author: Learning Life

"Learning Life" features information that I gather from reading, writing, and other people. The knowledge that I seek is how to become the best version of myself in all areas of my life. We all want to live our best lives, so lets learn and share what we discover, together.

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